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Articles of Fashion
Articles of Fashion

Hanne Gaby Odiele photographed by Pierre Debusschere for Document #4

Prada, Fall 1998featuring Angela Lindvall

Prada Spring/Summer 2000 Campaign, Sierra Huisman & Matheo Renoir photographed by Rob Wyatt

Campaigns and editorials are possibly the most important things in fashion immediately after the collections themselves. They represent and instil into the fashion industry an atmosphere of creativity and possibility where there are no limits set, only the ones you set for yourself. Yes, it’s a marketing tool but it’s also more than that (or maybe I’m just a sucker for marketing?) it provides a basis for brands to re-define themselves each season, to showcase the strengths of their brands. However, it’s not just the clothes or accessories that are important in campaigns or editorials. What defines the strength of an editorial or campaign is the attention to detail. The concept. The hair and makeup. The styling and the myriad of other nitty-gritty tasks which perfect a campaign and editorial to what it is. This new segment is a celebration of just that. A toast to those behind the scenes of photo shoots. A celebration of the past, future and present in the fashion industry. The experience of fashion may have been cheapened as we move from season to season mechanically but it is the editorials and campaigns which stand testament to the time which they represent.READ MORE ON MY BLOG

Yumi Lambert for Filles à Papa

Grace by Janneke van der Hagen & Styled by Lyson Marchessault for Novembre Magazine, S/S14.


Hi, I’ve written an argumentative essay on Terry Richardson (sad and cliché I know) so if you have time to read it and give some brief feedback I would appreciate it lots!

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mariacarla boscono in “red room”, 
antidote magazine spring/summer 2014 by cuneyt akeroglu.
Niall Underwood photographed by Jorge Perez Ortiz for Novembre Magazine Online
Collage by Ernesto Artillo for Elle British Collections Fall/Winter 2013

The experience of fashion has been cheapened as we are presented with ‘yeah, that’s ok’ instead of ‘the next truly great thing.’

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And I’m super excited to be back and blogging again!! I’ll post a little update on what’s been happening with me either on my facebook page or on my blog soon!